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New BRAMM Registration Criteria for Burial Authorities

New BRAMM Registration Criteria for Burial Authorities


Following suggestions from Burial Authorities; BRAMM have now simplified the criteria required for BRAMM Burial Authority Registration.


They believe that the current criteria of only allowing BRAMM registered masons to work in their cemeteries is putting off some Burial Authorities committing to a National Registration Scheme.


To help with this, BRAMM now simply require that Burial Authorities ensure that under the BRAMM Scheme –


  • All Memorials are required to be erected to British Standard 8415
  • Recognise the BRAMM register and allow BRAMM competent masons to erect Memorials in their cemeteries.


In return BRAMM will allow all the benefits of being a BRAMM registered authority.


This effectively means that if they wish, the Burial Authority can now run other registration schemes within their cemeteries however of course BRAMM will only be responsible for memorials erected under the BRAMM Scheme.


BRAMM is fully supported and endorsed by the leading industry organisations, an equal representation from these bodies sit alongside independent Memorial Masons on the BRAMM Board to ensure fair and non-biased decision making.


For further details on BRAMM Burial Authority Registration please contact Head Office on –


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