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British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons

BRAMM Scheme was set up in 2004 with the aim of establishing a network of nationally accredited businesses and registered fixers that will ultimately replace individual Registration Schemes.

Primary Aims

  • To establish a recognised uniform standard of workmanship to meet the requirements of BS 8415 in all burial grounds throughout the UK.
  • To promote BRAMM Accredited Businesses and Registered Fixers.
  • To ensure all Businesses, Fixers and Burial Authorities on the BRAMM Register follow the current health and safety guidelines to protect both the public and their employees.
  • To ensure that BRAMM businesses give a guarantee of the stability of their memorial.
  • To ensure the Scheme will be effectively policed ensuring that acceptable standards of fixing are maintained.
  • To encourage on-going training and education within the memorial masonry industry.
  • To promote a closer working relationship between Memorial Masons and Burial Authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BRAMM get involved if I have an issue with a BRAMM registered company of a contractual or service nature or to do with the lettering on a memorial?

BRAMM will only get involved in issues to do with the safety of memorials or if a memorial has not been constructed to the BS8415 standard.  If you have an issue of a contractual or service nature, please contact your local Trading Standards (based at your local Council) or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

What are the risks of buying memorials online?

With internet shopping becoming more popular, buying a Memorial online may seem like a good idea, for example: you can view a large number of Memorials quickly and potentially save a bit of money.

However, all Cemeteries and Churchyards have rules and regulations which will determine exactly what size and type of memorials they will allow. BRAMM has received correspondence from several unhappy (online) customers who have encountered this problem and have not been allowed to have their Memorial erected.

Local professional BRAMM Memorial Masons will not only create a fitting tribute but also ensure that your investment meets the Cemetery rules and regulations.

Always ensure your Memorial meets the Cemetery criteria – before you purchase it.

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