British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Fixer can I be accredited if my business has not been accredited?

You will be unable to apply if your business has not received its Business Accreditation.

What qualifications do I need to apply for a BRAMM Fixer License?

  1. Full NVQ / SVQ Level 2 or Level 3 (must include Fix & Secure unit) or VR/QCF194 (Fix & Secure unit) – Fixer License for full five years

Note: We cannot accept any applicants who have not completed the ‘Fix and Secure’ unit.

  1. BRAMM Training and Testing  – Fixer Licence for full five years
  1. NAMM qualification (City & Guilds RQMF) – applicant must attend BRAMM Theory Training Day within six months of their license being issued.

What happens when my BRAMM Fixer Licence is due to expire?

You will need to complete CPD.  Please see CPD topics listed under the BRAMM Licensed Fixer Documents in the 'Useful Documents' section.

Will I be able to work in a cemetery if I am not accredited?

If a Burial Authority is signed up to the Scheme and insists that fixers must be accredited then anyone not accredited will be unable to work in that Authority’s Cemeteries.

Do all of my employees have to be accredited?

Every 'team' erecting a memorial must have at least one Licensed Fixer. If you have three teams working on three memorials you would need to have at least three Licensed Fixers (one working/supervising on each memorial). No fixing work in cemeteries on any memorial can take place without a Licensed Fixer being present.

What can I do if my business has failed the Business Accreditation?
You will be provided with a report which will detail why you have failed and what you need to do to pass next time.

What happens if I fail the practical assessment but pass the written test?
You can retake the practical assessment once without having to take a full re-assessment.

Will allowances be made for those with learning difficulties when taking the written test?
If the employer has confirmed in writing that an employee has learning difficulties and would be unable to do the written test then arrangements can be made for an oral test to be taken.

I have been a mason for 30 years, why do I have to be tested?
An increasing number of Burial Authorities are insisting that masons working in their cemeteries can prove that they can erect a memorial safely.

What if I am self employed but work on a sub-contracting basis for other businesses?
You would still have to comply with the Risk Assessment of the main contractor and have your own insurance that complies with the BRAMM Scheme.

How long does an Accreditation last?
A business will have to forward Insurance Documents on an annual basis. Spot checks will be carried out on a percentage of premises and completed work on site every year. Fixers may be subject to a re-test as a result of any disciplinary action. Fixers will be required to re-register after a period of five years where documentary evidence of relevant ongoing training must be produced. Where there is no documentary evidence available a re-test will be necessary.

What does the annual fee I pay cover?
The annual fee charged for being on the BRAMM Register is used to pay for the administration of the Scheme and FREE CPD Training (Continual Professional Development).

Is it money down the drain?
It is envisaged that a Licensed Fixer will ultimately be able to work in any cemetery in the country. You will no longer have to fill in forms for separate registration schemes (or pay a fee where applicable) and you will have an Accreditation that is good publicity for your business when dealing with the public.

As I have a disability can I be a Licensed Fixer?
Yes, the role of a Licensed Fixer is to supervise the fixing when an installation is carried out thus ensuring high standards of installation are maintained.

Can we have more than one Licensed Fixer?
Yes, there is no restriction on the number of Licensed Fixers a business can have.

Can a Licensed Fixer fix a memorial on his own?
Although this is considered as not really acceptable it may be possible in certain situations – ie a very small memorial. This would have to be justified by the risk assessment.

Who is liable if there is a problem?
The business is always financially liable, however the fixer has personal responsibilities to comply with the instructions given by their employer.

Can a BRAMM Assessor assess their own fixers?
Only if their fixers are to be assessed using the NVQ route.